Meet my client Karen Meisner the Chicago area. Karen is a woman and mother who is passionate about the quality of water that we drink. She educates physicians, pregnant woman and mothers of young children about common tap water contaminants thats are particularly harmful, and for good reason.

Clean water is the essence of life.

She came to me with years of research and pages upon pages of facts and figures about the lack of tap water and bottled water regulation, the contaminants that are known to exist and the documented effects on vulnerable populations.  

 She needed to hone that passion into a brand, a singular voice that could hold multiple conversations stemming around WATER. 

Karen specifically wants to reach out to mothers of young children and pregnant women who are unknowingly passing contaminants to their unborn babies through the water that they drink (amongst other medium). She also provides an education about water filters and offers the best solution she has found. 

MOMS are her core audience. This word was the building block for the creation of the Brand: Water for Moms.  

Stylistically the site needed to be simple, fresh and easy to navigate. The simplicity of digital visual images and navigation match her mission and reflect that water is part of the circle of life.  

While creating this space I realized that the design and content needed to meet the needs of two very different types of mothers. 

1. On the Go Mom: This Mom will hear about WFM and will buy a filter while visiting the site for the first time. This woman needs a water filter and she needs it for her home immediately. Under "Products" this mom will be able to see her options displayed beautifully.

2. Curious Researcher: The second type of woman that will arrive at the site will be very curious about the facts. She will make the time to read every detail, and will want the in-depth research that Karen has compiled various subjects. This woman can read the latest from Karen on her blog, and will most likely engage Karen around best practices and the future of water. 

Karen continues into 2015 with a solid brand that will continue to open lines of communication around one of the earths most precious gifts; water. 

I'm thankful to have been apart of helping create a digital space for Karen to share her passion with the world.