Love People. Serve People. Provide Value. 

When my website launched I knew it would serve a valuable purpose in my life as a professional athlete. Jenne helped guide and create the perfect brand to represent my style and voice to my friends, family and fans across the world. I am thankful to have her apart of my team off the court.

-Christa Harmotto Dietzen

Rio 2016 Bronze Medalist, 2014 World Champion Gold Medalist, Olympic Silver Medalist of USA Volleyball

Presidents Council Member on Fitness, Sport and Nutrition Member


Jenné Blackburn is positive, dependable, and extremely talented. Her passion and diligence have impressed me from the moment we met. I had the pleasure of working with Jenné on a rebranding project for NBC’s The Voice Season 4 Finalist Holly Tucker. Jenné is extremely perceptive and was able to tactfully reach across political lines for the success of the project. 

Jenné has a contagious passion for life and a magnetic personality. She leads by example and has a way of making others strive for excellence. Her passion and natural ability to recognize a person’s potential elicits success and confidence from those around her. 

Jenné also has the invaluable ability to handle multiple projects at once, and she tackles each one with an unflustered, professional, and steadfast demeanor. When an obstacle arises, she calmly and pragmatically finds a sensible solution. 

Jenné will be a trusted and valued employee at any organization, and I look forward to seeing the great things she will undoubtedly accomplish in life. It’s with great pleasure that I highly recommend her for any position. 

-Julie Copenhaver, Outreach and Communications Coordinator, Baylor University 


I have had a passion for clean water for years. I first did research on pregnancy and tap/bottled water contaminants several years ago.  I finally decided to present what I had learned to physicians, pregnant women and moms.  I reviewed my previous research and began anew.  I ended up with a 60-page word document.  I trimmed that down to 11 pages and had no idea how to present this information in a professional-grade website.  Thankfully, a mutual friend recommended Jenne.  

I sent Jenne my 11-page document, which I had named “Brain Dump”.  I am not sure how, but Jenne digested this information and developed an initial outline for the website, and gave me a brand name that conveys perfectly what we do (Water) and who we are helping (Moms).  As we continued to refine the outline, I provided content and Jenne began to hone in the voice to our audience and build my website.  

I am a numbers and facts person, and Jenne brought creativity and vision to my cause, along with enthusiasm and support.  She was able to read my content, grasp my vision and know which images would create an impact. The pictures she selected were perfect.  I smile each time I open my website.  

Jenne also possesses technical acumen and acts as a project manager.  Her command of the digital space was impressive. She also provided a tutoring session so I could manage changes to my website going forward. .  

Jenne talked to me about the importance of branding and built my website around my passion to help others. She even sought feedback from pregnant women and mothers of young children to better understand my audience.

I am “Water for Moms”.  I recommend Jenne without hesitation.  Please see her work on my website at

-Karen Miesner, Founder Water for Moms

Jenné and I raised money to build a rehabilitation center during our time at Baylor. I stumbled upon her in early 2007 with the intention of ‘helping out’ with one small event. By the time I graduated in 2009 we had achieved goals that, to this day, keep me believing that I can make a difference with the gifts God has given me. 

Soon after we met, Jenné and I began in a series of meetings with school officials interested in helping us put on a fund-raising event. In those meetings were students that had visted the location where we wanted to build the Liberty House. They saw me as an outsider who had never been to Africa and thus was without their vision for the task. I felt alienated and discouraged by them but I never missed a meeting because of Jenné. She had a way of polishing my persuasions into things everyone agreed on. I could tell she saw the best in me and it drove me to give wholly to the effort, to a man named Boniface that I have never met. 

I think success begets success and Jenné has a way of seeing success in people that fosters their greatest potential. She is an extraordinary person. Any time you are with Jenné you will feel her enthusiasm and love for a project and the people on the team. She was a visionary on campus and together we forged innovative ways of fundraising that has yet to be seen to that magnitude on the Baylor campus.  

My lifelong friend changed the trajectory of my life.  I now am in medical school and plan to one day travel to Kenya as a physician to the Liberty House that we worked tirelessly to build during our time together. If you have the chance to work with Jenne, do it! It will be the best decision you or your company have ever made. 

-Seth Hale, Medical Student/ Resident  

When I think about my dear friend Jenne a few specific words come to mind: hard working, creative and loyal. As a freshman at Baylor University, I watched Jenne, as an upperclassman, complete a college career that would leave an incredible legacy at Baylor University. From singing on stage to serving abroad, Jenne impacts the people with whom she interacts. She has great capacity not only to connect with a diverse range of people but also to care about, invest in and maintain friendship, as well. 

One of Jenne's greatest assets is her ability to ADAPT to any person, situation or setting.  I believe that this due to her extensive travel and exposure to the various cultures throughout the world.  Whatever project she puts her energy behind she will be remembered for her kindness, tenacity, and integrity.  

I have the pleasure of being friends with Jenne Blackburn and I am confident that this friendship will last a lifetime. 

- Courtney Keener, Friend, Sorority Sister