Love People. Serve People. Provide Value

I work with people who want to grow their brand — company, product, service, or idea — no matter how big or how small. I also like to work with people who are great at what they do, authentic, and just plain nice. 

My work has been seen on and through these different media/product channels, television programs and magazines. 

Business Consulting 

Many business' discover that what initially worked to build their business simply isn't working to help them grow to the next level. Or they encounter a nagging business problem that despite their best efforts, acts as a roadblock to their company's growth.

I tackle business concerns, both and large and small, using a variety of analytical methods and best business practices to develop unique, customized, solutions specifically to meet your business needs. Rest assured, I will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to go to build a sustainable, profitable, and successful business.

Development services to include articles of incorporation, strategic planning for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Simply tell me where you want to grow and together we will find a way. 

"I called Jenne, because I knew she was just the person to help strategize this next chapter for Unwritten Pictures. We are expanding into the Nashville market, and need to balance growth while retaining our strong Texas client base. With her marketing expertise I am confident that that we will continue to build this brand into multi faceted film production house. I am thankful for her wisdom as we continue excellence moving forward in each market"

Lindley Atkinson, Owner, Unwritten Pictures 

Brand Creation & Representation

Branding is a process, not a project. I partner with you to help convey who you are, what you do, and why it matters to your audience. Whether you're a small business owner, run a non-profit, or represent a larger company, I help you to create great rapport with your audience. I also help your audience to discover, understand, and become devoted fans of your organization, its identity, message, product, or service. And I do all this in a way that is true, meaningful, and completely authentic.

"When my website launched I knew it would serve a valuable purpose in my life as a professional athlete. Jenne helped guide and create the perfect brand to represent my style and voice to my friends, family and fans across the world. I am thankful to have her apart of my team off the court."

Christa Harmotto Dietzen

World Champion Gold Medalist, Olympic Silver Medalist, USA Volleyball National Team Member

Ghost Writing 

When it comes to creating quality, engaging content that moves an audience to think, move, or simply stay on the page, words can bridge gaps that charts and numbers cannot.

A connection made between you and your audience is really only one sentenceone blog postone expertly worded article away.

I build those bridges.

Ex: PocketFinder GPS and Location Based Tech website 

Ex: Speeches and Blog Posts for various clients

Public Relations


It’s important to communicate with authenticity, transparency, and integrity to build trust and enhance your reputation. I'll help you develop, position, and deliver the messages you need to get out to the public – and provide the media training and spokesperson support to do it well.


My specialties include:

  • Identifying and addressing issues of public concern.
  • Developing clear, resonant messages around complex issues or concepts.
  • Writing persuasive messages that motivate response.
  • Managing crisis or high-stakes communications.
  • Developing and delivering story ideas that intrigue reporters and bloggers.

Event Production, Direction and Styling 



Why hire someone to produce an event, video or photo shoot for you? The answer is experience, education and expertise.

In addition to knowing the technical aspects of film, being an experienced professional I know what elements to look for during the shoot that may be troublesome during editing and provide direction to minimize post production time. 

From concept to completion your day will run smoothly and the product will be unmatched. 


"As a photographer, having a producer set the stage, scene, and wardrobe is invaluable to producing high quality work. Jenne came to me with the Holly Tucker shoot, and we immediately started brainstorming different looks. She sourced all the materials, coordinated with all the departments, and kept the weekend staff and volunteers calm and coordinated. The finished product was a brand that was suitable for our emerging Country Star, Holly Tucker. 

From one scene to the next, it was a joy to work with Jenne.  I look forward to the ideas and clients we get to work with in the future".

Taylor Lord, Owner, Taylor Lord Photography