August 1-10th 2014  - Mission Complete!

This summer was a great opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone (and off the couch) by joining up with Bob Goff on the Love Does Tour! Our team was on a mission to collectivly raise $10,000 to help Uganda's Restore International. I also updated my supporters on Pastor Boniface in The Liberty House in Nairobi Kenya. 

Thank you to everyone that supported the ride!  Restore International will be using the funds to fund different projects, including scholarships, textbooks, uniforms, medical care and classrooms for the Restore Leadership Academy in Uganda.  

Who is Bob? What is he like?

Bob is as goofy, fun, and inspirational as you would think. He taught me so much about living on the edge of YIKES! Learn more about his NY Times best selling book Love Does and his life here

Why did you ride? Who is this benefiting?

Bob's Restore International: This incredible organization is find daring, productive, and effective ways to fight the injustices committed against children. I could not be more honored to ride with Bob, learn more and become a life long advocate for his work. Check out Restore Internationals video here.

What will I receive if I donate? Glad you asked! A hand-lettered Love Does Quote hand painted by me. I will get in touch to see if we can match a room aesthetic in your house. I hope this becomes a reminder of your gift and an inspiration as you go out giving love to the world.

* I will continue to make these pieces for individuals that would like to contribute to Restore International. Below are some fun promotional shots I produced to help with the fundraising of this ride!