Lindley Atkinson is a powerhouse woman. She started her company Unwritten Pictures with an initial focus on wedding videography. During the month of September she officially launched her new updated and expanded brand. I was honored to help her with some marketing coaching and brand evolution. Today, she is a film house that now incorporates corporate content and serves multiple markets through her growing network of videographers and editors. 

With a new freshly launched website, her audience engages immediately with STORY or testimonials. The front page is more interactive with videos completed and visually coherent. The site's branding is dark and strategically opposite from traditional whimsical videographers. 

My advice was to focus on the feather that writes the story, and the look is perfect.  

Lindley and I believe you have an unscripted story to tell, a story that has yet to be written...Check out her website here

"I called Jenne, because I knew she was just the person to help strategize this next chapter for Unwritten Pictures. We are expanding into the Nashville market, and need to balance growth while retaining our strong Texas client base. With her marketing expertise I am confident that that we will continue to build this brand into multi faceted film production house. I am thankful for her wisdom as we continue excellence moving forward in each market"

Lindley Atkinson, Owner, Unwritten Pictures