LA Grit


You never know what will happen in LA. I always seem to get twisted around by her various freeways, and never can actually stick to a plan due to traffic and over ambition. 

The fact that I can’t rest at a stop sign without being honked at, or drive without the  fear of striking a pedestrian is apart of the game she plays. Yet, I keep coming back for more.

The world is at your creative fingertips here. Millions of people from all walks of life, from countries around the world share this city in hopes of creating a home. 

Walk through the streets of Los Angeles and ambition and drive seep deep into your bones. Great people have walked these streets. People with plans, people with passion, people with grit. 

LA simultaneously sharpens my vision and self-defense. One day I hope to beat her at her own gritty game. Until then, I head south behind the Orange curtain.