Sport: Unbroken + CFP + Super Bowl

There is nothing more satisfying and inspiring than watching stories of extraordinary individuals.

If you are having a hard time finding inspiration to push through a boundary in your life, go see Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie.

I love true stories. I love a story that ignites me to dig down deep and fight for what's possible. A story that inspires me to believe against all odds.  

To advance to the highest level of sport takes extreame dedication and sacrifice. Many say that to be an Olympic athlete, you must not only have the skill but you must pocess the heart.

Angelina Jolie taps into the human spirit, and presents us with a story that undoubtably will move many to tears.

Unbroken is a film about Olympic track athlete and former WWII prisoner of war Louis Zamperini who is defys incredible odds to stay alive during the war. 

As a viewer, it seems that every scene that Louie finds himself in could not be any more dire. He was relentless in pursuit of maintaining life. He overcame unforgettable circumstances, inhumane conditions, and desolate resources.

He taught everyone through his actions and spirit: you must be willing to fight at any cost.  

The most powerful scene of the movie is one that is not only visually stunning with flawless cinematography, but emotionally heart wrenching.

Covered in black soot and completely physically deteriorated, Louie accepts the challenge to hold the log above his head. The captain orders that if he drops it, they will immediately shoot him.

Every prisoner and gaurd watches a man slowly lift and maintain the log above his head. With a broken left foot, the audience braces itself for a complete breakdown of his physical man. He fights every urge in his body to resist the temptation to lay down the log. As it starts to slip, he digs deeper and he releases the most incredibly powerful grunt I have seen on screen.

(Please go see this film, this scene alone will forever be ingrained in your memory).

What does this have to do with the College Football Playoffs or The Super Bowl? I think what Jolie is asking of the viewers is to tap into the relentless spirit within ourselves. We want to fight, we want to win, and we want to see justice trump evil.

Most of us will never have to face such dire and life threatening circumstances as in the movie. Where can we find this spirit of fighting at any cost in modern day society? Sports.

Sports are a platform that allows us to dig deep into the strongest form of ourselves. When we fail, we rise back up. When we get injured, we fight to see another day of action. 

Many of the players who played in the first ever CFP Championship game will not ever go on to play for the pros. For 98% of the players it might be the pinnacle of their athletic success. For the Super Bowl athletes, they have been waiting for this moment their whole life. No matter the athlete, to compete at the highest level takes a relentless spirit of determination.

The same spirit that drives an Olympian to train at the highest level of athletic ability lives in each of us to achieve greatness in life. 

The Olympic spirit is what made Louie compete at the highest level and what ultimately saved his life. No matter if it is sport or war, this spirit has and will continue to inspire millions.  

The spirit to fight. The spirit to remain unbroken.