Autumn Links: Part 1


Bigger than Bigger iphone6: The world was watching. The iphone 6 and 6plus debuted during the month of September. I usually wait to see how the operating system will be polished (ios8) and how improvements might be made to the original design (#bengate). Undoubtably, during the livestream event the world were expecting certain things, all of which came true!

Apple did a fantastic job of upgrading the camera, and gave consumers the much anticipated slow-mo and hyper-lapse capabilities.  My friends, Austin Mann and Jordan Bellemy were flown out for the ultimate photo shoot to showacse the difference between iPhone5 and iPhone6. Read their full review: on location in Iceland with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The images captured, were breathtaking. The video below shares their findings.


Netflix Takes Aim At Theaters: Through an agreement, Netflix will solely finance Happy Madison Productions films, which was founded by Adam Sandler. No doubt Netflix will continue to create more original content for television and film, yet this is one of the first exclusive deals with a marquee actor with his own production house. 

(Netflix is the world’s leading Internet television network with over 50 million members in nearly 50 countries enjoying more than two billion hours of TV shows and movies per month, including original series...You already knew that didn't you) 

JP Morgan Discovers Further Cyber Security Issues: The nation’s largest bank recently found that hackers, with links to Italy, had gained entry to some of its servers. While this is an an unfortunate event, this raises the accountability standard that banks must retain to their customers to keep thier privacy. 

Interested in learning more about coding? At Codecademy, you can take lessons on writing simple commands in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python and Ruby. If you are a girl... check out Girls who Code (geared specifically toward 13- to 17-year-old girls). 

Are you in LA? GIRLS IN TECH MENTORSHIP LAUNCH events are happening. Check it out.


Hanks joins the likes of Kobe Bryant and Tim Howard who are in favor of a grass field for the Women's World Cup.

Hanks joins the likes of Kobe Bryant and Tim Howard who are in favor of a grass field for the Women's World Cup.

SWEAT HAS NO GENDER: This is international sports news.  After a September deadline set by the international soccer players passed with no response from FIFA, the women followed through on their threats to seek a legal remedy. They sued FIFA and the CSA the first week of October in Toronto, arguing that the decision to play on artificial turf amounted to illegal gender discrimination under Canadian human rights law. Read more here

PHOTO: Sydney Leroux of the United States posted this photo to Twitter on April 14, 2013 with the caption, "This is why soccer should be played on grass!"

PHOTO: Sydney Leroux of the United States posted this photo to Twitter on April 14, 2013 with the caption, "This is why soccer should be played on grass!"

In partnership with espnW, the Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program is conducting a ground-breaking, nationally representative survey of moms to find out what they want and need for their kids. With results in hand from the espnW/Aspen Institute Project Play survey, they will co-host a Project Play roundtable at the conclusion of The espnW: Women + Sports Summit where thoughts leaders will react to the findings and explore issues facing both moms and their daughters.

The goal: Define and elevate the voices of moms and girls in the conversation around quality youth sports. Excited to be invited to listen in and be apart of the conversation this week. (Follow  up on this subject and conversation during the next post)

Love data? Me too! Here the NYC Times shares the N.C.A.A. Fan Map: How the Country Roots for College Football My favorite pat of the map is the hard lines that are drawn between the boarders for many of the South Eastern states. 

Cause: Women's Rights

International Day of the Girl: Nonprofit Aims to Educate 10,000 Girls Across The Globe

With an aim to solve the problem of gender inequity in education, LitWorld is focusing on the individual story to make learning relatable, as well as to dignify the voices and experiences of girls across the globe.

Equal Pay for Equal Work continues to be in our national media: As John Oliver points out, many of our nation's leaders and pundits actually try to defend the pay gap or minimize it, rather than trying to fix things. 

HeforShe Campaign Launched: Actress and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gave a powerful speech on gender equality at the UN promoting a solidarity movement for gender equality. If you have not seen it, it is worth every moment of your time.

If you live in New York, listen up. You have a chance to make history and hopefully set a national precedent. Vote for the Women's Equality Party on Election Day, November 4, 2014.

Huffington Post covers some other interesting news on gender equality here, with a dedicated landing page here

Photo by: Ellen Eldrdge

Photo by: Ellen Eldrdge


Music: While not my forte, it was a rich month of new music that I enjoy during the month of  September. 

Ben Rector | Live in Denver I have been waiting for this album as soon as it was leaked that a he would be releasing a Live Album when he visited House of Blues in Anaheim this past fall. Ben's authenticity as a performer shines through in every song. My all time favorite cover that he preforms live made it to on the CD. Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" 

Lecrae | Anomaly A huge congrats to him on charting #1 on Billboard, iTunes and Amazon charts.  Huffington Post did a great job reviewing how he’s been crowned the “new hip-hop king” 

U2  | Songs of Innocence made a historical and controversial move to release their album for free. Don't wait to download, the CD is only available until October 13th. This Forbes article covers the surprise partnership with Apple.