Cause: Know Who Made It

Krochete Kids Int is a innovative not for profit. The team is made of dreamers who became industry pioneers in reinventing the way people look at the products we buy. 


Each of the 200 plus products are signed by the woman in Uganda and Peru who hand crafted the item.  

Today: "Name Your Price, Define Your Impact" campaign was launched! This allowed shoppers a unique opportunity to purchase at their determined price. 

Empowerment is a word often used, yet rarely effectively executed on all levels of an organization. KKI is living out their core mission, and setting new standards and benchmarks. 

Products matter because PEOPLE matter.  


I love this quote from the video below:

An opportunity doesn't start with a handout, it starts with a job. 

Bravo to the KKI team on creating a campaign that allows it fans and followers, a chance to define their impact. 

My challenge to us all? Keep raising the bar, and challenging the status quo. The world needs more people and programs like KKI.

We can and will make an impact. 


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