Consultant/ Project Story

What an honor it was to be brought in to help brainstorm marketing strategy for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  I sat alongside Nicole Davis and Ariana Kukors on the rooftop of the Manhattan Beach office overlooking the ocean thinking of ways to engage the Win Forever audience in a fast (best for social media) yet meaningful way. Both women are not only Win Forever facilitators but are also accomplished Olympians, so they understand the time restraints of athletes wanting to be interviewed by the press and brands. The women asked me to brainstorm with them to find a unique solution to the challenge to deliver high quality content  in a short amount of time, that can be viewed back at home in the USA and used for future corporate presentations.

After hours of discussion and deliberation we settled on the campaign and tagline " Mindset Minute".

 Mindset Minute/ #TheMidsetProject: In the summer of 2016 the women will be engaging Rio 2016 Olympic athletes, asking: "Do you have a minute to talk about mindset? and different questions to inspire insight around their mindset. 

These short videos will be meant to inspire the audience to further engage with the Win Forever philosophy and corporate offerings. 

About Win Forever

Win Forever's mission is to help people be the best they can be. Their vision is to live in a world where people pursue purposeful lives driven by deep meaning - where they know that who they are and what they do makes a difference and an impact on those they encounter.

Their approach: is to accelerate the culture of world-leading organizations by coaching others on the mindset skills to become their very best.