Flags on the Land

I long to be a student of the world and other cultures. There is so much to learn outside of a textbook. Smells. Textures. Rituals. Music. Food. 

Exploring the world has made me more open to all different types of people and lifestyles. It has allowed me to see and feel "globalization" as our world becomes smaller through technology.  

I made it a mission of mine to travel when the opportunity arrived. Thankfully I have visited and studied on every content except for Antarctica.  


Current Countries Traveled

Europe: Spain, France, England, Italy, Scotland

Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco

Central and South America: Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina 

Asia: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand 


The way a culture interacts within its transportation systems is so mesmerizing. When you step outside on to the street you will feel the city, its heartbeat.  

Above photos were taken by myself in various countries.