USA Volleyball's, Christa Harmotto Dietzen

Christa is a close friend here in Southern California. I had the honor of taking the lead on coordinating and collaborating with other professionals to build out her co-hesive and comprehensive brand. 

Christa and I both love using volleyball and sport to give back to the community. This mutual excitement was a great building block for a wonderful friendship and partnership as we headed into this project. 

The landscape during the spring of 2013 did not have many if any volleyball athletes creating an online hub where friends, family and fans could directly connect to their specific online voice of the athlete.

Everything was scattered: social media, articles, background bios, video clips. It was essential to bring all those pieces together as we set out to achieve a look and feel that invited people into the laid-back style that Christa evokes in her everyday interactions. 

Today when you arrive to her online hub, you are immediately struck with the powerful images of the American Flag and the joy that Christa feels to represent the USA. As you click through other links and pages you learn more about her background, and see her wit and humor sprinkled throughout the website.

It is standard to see statistics of an amazing career, but our goal was to bring fans into Chrita's personality. With media outlets around the world wanting to know more, it was important to bring to light the amazing support system of friends and family that she has had throughout her volleyball career. The site is dedicated to them with the tagline of "Stay Connected". 


Christa is currently a member on the USA National Team in a leadership role, and her presence on the court is undeniably fierce. The team is currently training to compete in 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.   

Above are a handful of All the photos were commissioned by  Breadon Flynn. Project collaborated and built with Anthony Carillo.